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What can you do to improve your language level and keep it alive after you finish all the levels in a language school? 

I have some hardworking and motivated students who are about to finish the last level in our language school and they are really scared that they will forget what they have learned if there is no course or a teacher asking them to fulfill some tasks.

It is so sad to see that we can’t teach them to walk alone on this path although we can make them understand and use a lot of complex grammar items and advanced vocabulary. I feel really upset when I hear they are looking for another course to practice.

We all know that learning a language is a never-ending way! So, you have to learn what you can do to get better when there is no teacher who assigns you different tasks, or a language school that checks your level with scheduled exams.

I have always tried to share resources here to help you to shape your own learning, and in this post, I would like to point out some YouTube channels that can assist you to keep walking on this road.

1 English Class 101  You can find hundreds of audio and video lessons. It is also possible to download their various apps ,or visit their website to reach more resources. 


2 Australia Plus  From beginner level to advanced level, they offer hundred of videos covering business, lifestyle, news and sport, education and English language learning from an Australian perspective.

3 ABA English  Actually, ABA English is an online learning platform which offers affordable premium courses. Their YouTube channel also provides a lot of interesting and enjoyable short films and video lessons.

4 Rachel’s English   This channel is an online American English pronunciation resource. All videos have closed captioning to help non-native speakers understand. New videos added every week!


If you follow any other YouTube channels that can be useful, please let me know in the comments below. 

My top 5 stories @zenpencils



Zen Pencils, a cartoon blog adapting inspirational quotes into comic stories, has been one of my favorite websites since I discovered it. I can count lots of reasons to follow this blog and its talented artist, Gavin Aung Than. But I just want to tell you how it can help an English Language Learner to improve his/her language skills.

Firstly, reading a comic is an easy way to learn new words and understand the story by looking at the pictures.

Secondly, reading comic can help you better understand narrative concepts, story structure, and character development.

Lastly, Zen Pencils is a new comic form that takes inspirational and famous quotations and adapts them into graphic stories. It means you can read some famous quotes of Rumi, Shakespeare, J.K. Rowling, Robin Williams, John Lennon etc. So, these stories are the perfect combination of strong words and beautiful illustrations which can help you to remember new words and structures easily.

Here you can read and watch some of my favorite Zen Pencils comics.

Visit zenpencils to discover more stories!

1 What Teachers Make by Taylor Mali

2 Roll the Dice by Charles Bukowski
Roll the Dice

3 What If Money Was No Object by Alan Watts

Alan Watts

4 Eleven Ways to be Average by Chris Guillebeau

11 ways to be average

5 The Social Media Generation by Marc Maron


For teachers;

You can find Classroom Activities and Discussion Guide for Zenpencils comics prepared by Andrew McMeel Publishing.

More short films with English Subtitles


short is betterWhy are you learning English?

To get a better job?

To get promoted?

Because everybody says it is important to do?

Probably, your answer is among these. Most people learn English because of the career-related reasons which make the learning process stressful and humdrum. Most of the time, we miss the fun and exciting part of it. What if we see it as a vehicle which lets us reach the point of views, feelings and experiences of other people from different cultures?  Then I am sure it would be more enjoyable and ongoing process which you could run on your own without needing the constant guiding of someone else.

Watching films is one of the most popular ways to learn the authentic language. We all love watching TV series and movies. But, how often do you watch them with English subtitles and how often do you watch them again?

Most of learners don’t do or don’t try to learn new words by writing them down. But to store a word or phrase in your long-term memory of active vocabulary, it has to be repeatedly seen, heard, or read. At this point I think short films would be more beneficial than TV series and movies because it’s easier to watch them again and again, they are able to handle more different issues and sometimes their messages are  much stronger. When you try to learn the language with materials which have interesting context and addressing different feelings, new language items will be more easier to learn and remember. Short films have this power.

Language is a bridge that can take you anywhere in the world.

In this post, I would like to take you somewhere different,  where you will watch and listen to some different stories.

 Record/Play    War, fate, and a broken walkman transcend space and time in this sci-fi love story.

Xiong Di  Xiong di means fellas in Chinese. Only the friendship, love and kickboxing can make you forget you’re living in a factory.                                             

A Thousand Suns  A Thousand Suns tells the story of the Gamo Highlands of the African Rift Valley and the unique worldview held by the people of the region.                                 

Tiempodefecto  A marriage crisis, robbery and science fiction. That is an interesting short film.

 New Boy  A young African boy with a haunting back story starts school in Ireland, and finds out quickly exactly what it means to be the new kid.

10 Common Phrasal Verbs Cards



Do you find it difficult to learn phrasal verbs?

If your answer is ‘yes’, it means that you are a completely normal learner. It needs a long time and practice to start to use phrasal verbs. When you don’t have a chance to use what you have learned, it’s almost impossible to keep it in your mind.

Phrasal verbs are mostly used in everyday conversation. Unfortunately, most of us don’t speak this language in our daily lives, just read or listen something in English. Naturally, we have some difficulties to learn or master idioms and phrasal verbs.

However, it’s not impossible to learn and begin to use them. After a lot of reading and research, I came up with a list of suggestions.

There are five important things which you have to do to learn phrasal verbs.

  1. Don’t try to learn all phrasal verbs, try to learn most common ones.
  2. Try to catch them while watching TV series (with English subtitles), listening to music (with lyrics), reading news or stories.
  3. Learn them one at a time; when you read or hear a phrasal verb, note it down and check its meaning in a good dictionary.
  4. Use some mobile apps which can teach you common phrasal verbs with interesting stories and amusing illustrations.
  5. Create your own phrasal verb cards via some mobile and web applications.

Here are ten cards which I prepared for Ukla Language Academy. I will keep going on designing more cards for common phrasal verbs, for now, enjoy these;

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Here are three phrasal verbs games. Have fun!

 Basic Phrasal Verbs 1

Basic Phrasal Verbs 2

Basic Phrasal Verbs 3


Can you write a story with 250 characters?


Have you ever tried to write a story in your mother tongue? Have you ever tried to write a story in English?


If you have never tried it, why don’t you start today since it is a wonderful way to improve your grammar and vocabulary?

In language learning, stories have a great importance as they offer you new language items in a meaningful context. The human brain processes new information by connecting with the old one. Reading and writing stories can easily boost this process.

I know you don’t have time to read books or long stories, but you want to learn English very quickly and start to use it immediately. So, you need some easy to understand and ready to use materials which must also be fun and beneficial.

With this post, I’d like to introduce a new mobile application which may not meet all of your needs, but it will have a great impact on your learning. Capture

It’s called TaleHunt.  If you want to read very short stories (max.250 characters), you should definitely download this app then.

A few favorite stories which were posted by TaleHunt users;









You can also write your own short stories using TaleHunt. You have only 250 characters, so you are supposed to choose your words really smart and carefully. Start writing your stories, share them with the TaleHunt community or with your friends via twitter or facebook, and make your English visible!

dwn_and_g dwn_ios_g

If you are still not sure about using it, maybe Stephen King could persuade you.

5 REASONS to READ these awesome FREE COMICS



Most people think that comic books are just for kids, not for adults. Although graphic novels, comic books and manga are really popular in Japan and the USA, they don’t get the credits they deserve in our country (Turkey).

So, if people don’t prefer reading comics much, why am I trying to introduce you these books? In my opinion, learning a language has a powerful effect on people. Language learners are more open new experiences and willing to try different ways to get better at English. Since I started teaching, I have seen many examples of this. People who didn’t use to like poetry started to read poems, or who didn’t use to care music, except for pop, started to listen to jazz or country. I hope comic books can help you change your view to language learning and you can give a chance to different ways of practicing.



It is easy to read a comic book because there are always a few words.


wolverineIdioms and slangs in comics can boost your learning experience and suggest you more modern forms of expression.

spidermanYour brain works more actively as you have to depend on the dialogues and illustrations. You will try to guess what is not written.

hulkThere are fewer words, but you still can improve your word power. Because images, expressions and the storyline help you understand the text      more easily by stimulating your brain more.


Comic books are fun and more interesting. Be honest and tell me if you really like reading those graded readers which are mostly lack of the beauty of literature. On the other hand, comic books offer us something extraordinary, surprising and creative.

where can I get them

I know that it’s not easy to find comic books in English in a bookstore if you live in a country like Turkey. There comes the beauty of the internet. You can find some links below to read cool comic books online and free. It is also possible to buy digital affordable comic books. So, you can read them on your computers or tablets.

Let’s have fun!


The Wormworld Saga is a digital graphic novel. It is one of the most successful webcomics, and a great one to start reading comics.


crossedCROSSED is a horror comic book for mature readers from Avatar Press.  Dead or Alive is extreme entertainment for adults. Anyone under 18, or anyone easily offended, please go no further.



Star Power is a webcomic, created by Michael “Mookie” Terracciano and Garth Graham In the far future, a young astronomer on a distant space station is chosen to wield the Star Power. Now, as the last of the Star Powered Sentinels, she must protect and explore a galaxy far more dangerous and wondrous than she could have ever imagined.

the-walking-dead-comic1The Walking Dead is mostly known as an American horror-drama television series developed by Frank Darabont. Actually, it is an amazing comic book adaptation.  Here is the uncut, first issue of creator Robert  Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic book series.

9b6c2464fbcf7a371c573f2da26ff6f1ComiXology is a cloud-based digital comics platform with over 200 million comic downloads. You can find a lot of free issues of great comic books, and it is possible to read them on your mobile devices via ComiXology app. You can find lots of comics with very cheap prices.

Icons used in this post were created by mattahan (Paul Davey). 

Can’t get to class? 5 tips to improve your pronunciation at home

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When studying a language at home, it’s all too easy to forget about pronunciation.

There are loads of resources out there to help you create structured plans for grammar and vocabulary, but when it comes to studying pronunciation, it can be difficult to know where to start.

If you’d like to improve your pronunciation but you’re not sure how to go about it, try some of these ideas:

1. Warm up: Speaking a different language requires you to use your mouth muscles in a completely new way. Learning tongue twisters is a great way to train your muscles and have some fun getting to grips with the sounds of the language. has an excellent list in a wide range of languages.

2. Listen: Find a short audio recording of a native speaker. Record yourself speaking on your phone or computer and compare it to the native speaker’s pronunciation. Note…

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